Tattoos and Artwork by Frederick Nitzman

I am opening Phoebus Tattoo Studio: 10710 Gandy Blvd North, Saint Petersburg FL 33702 phone: 727-289-8077. Will be open in mid May 2017.

Welcome to FuFred.com (Version 2.5), my personal art portfolio website. This site is dedicated to my artwork, from pen and ink drawings, prismacolors, paintings, and of course, tattoos. I have been in the tattoo industry for over a decade now, and currently reside and work in the Tampa Bay/Hillsborough County (FL) area. My school background includes that of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree, with strong classical training in art history, art and color theory, and studio art.

In the course of my tattoo career, I have worked in various areas in South Carolina (Charleston and Columbia areas, including near Fort Jackson) and in Florida (Pensacola and Tampa). Being exposed in these areas has allowed me to advance my art craft of tattooing, and gain an overall knowledge of the tattoo industry.

The tattoos I love to pursue are custom drawings from water color, painting style, new school, contrast, realistic, portraits, trash polka, neo traditional, black & gray, and so much more. I also love the focus of my tattoo designs to have the right amount of contrast in order to hold the image on the skin over time. That is very important to me. The light to dark ratio is also an important factor for me when it comes to applying warm to cool colour tones on a tattoo image. In the creation of my custom designs, I primarily use clean outline stencils as well as computer software such as Fireworks, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Thank you for taking the time to view my site!

Sincerely, Frederick Nitzman

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Skull Detail
Illustration drawing pen and Ink Skull with ribcage
Phoebus Tattoos Location and contact

Phoebus Tattoo Studio:
10710 Gandy Blvd North,
Saint Petersburg FL 33702
phone: 727-289-8077

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